J&K, 26th October 2022: Hybrid terrorists remain a problem for the security forces in the Kashmir Valley. Given their increasing number, security agencies are making counter-strategies. Instructions have been given for action by making a list of such terrorists in all areas. According to intelligence and security agency sources, more than 600 hybrid terrorists are active in the Kashmir Valley.

Sources say that major active terrorist groups are engaged in promoting hybrid terrorists. Help is being taken in infiltration by making them a shield. They aim to create an atmosphere of panic in the valley by targeting migrant labourers and Pandits. Not only this, the overground workers, who were helpful to the terrorists, are now directly involved in terrorist activities.

The nexus of foreign and hybrid terrorists are taking a dangerous form. However, the security forces are confident of breaking this network and believe they will soon be cracked down on.

Hybrid terrorists are considered different from normal terrorists. They live normal lives. After the incident, they go back to their normal life. It is difficult for security agencies to track and trace them, as they live among the general public. The police do not even have any record of this.