Delhi: 20 Die At Jaipur Golden Hospital Due To Lack Of Oxygen

New Delhi, 24 April 2021: There is still a severe shortage of oxygen in many hospitals in Delhi. Severely afflicted Corona patients are unable to find a place in any hospital in the capital due to lack of oxygen. In such a situation there is an atmosphere of fear among the people.

20 patients died on Friday night at Jaipur Golden Hospital in Delhi. Lack of oxygen in the hospital still persists and there is a crisis on the breath of over 200 patients.

The hospital’s medical superintendent said that all 20 patients who died were on oxygen support and due to lack of oxygen, we had to reduce the flow.

The same situation of oxygen crisis was seen in Batra Hospital on Saturday, due to the exhaustion of the stock. But after the SOS call from the hospital administration, just before the end of oxygen, 500 Liters of oxygen were supplied.

Dr SCL, Medical Director of Batra Hospital Gupta said that the Delhi government has provided us with an oxygen tanker. We have one to one and a half hours of oxygen for all our patients. We need 8,000 litres of oxygen a day. The hospital has 350 patients and 48 patients are in ICU.

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