Mumbai, April 02, 2021: In line with the latest directive by the state government, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) is offering the regular RT-PCR tests at a reduced cost of INR 600 from April 01, 2021. As against the earlier rate of INR 850, travellers opting to undergo the test at the airport are now able to save INR 250 for this option. The reduced rates further enable a safe and anxiety-free journey for the passengers by offering the test facilities at CSMIA at a minimal cost.

With an aim to enhance the overall safety and comfort of passengers, CSMIA introduced the RT-PCR test counters at the terminal on September 06, 2020 and undertook over 3 lakh tests till date at the airport. Since the launch, CSMIA has added new facilities and explored various avenues to accommodate and reduce dwell time for passengers awaiting the reports. In its efforts to cater to the convenience and safety of its passengers, CSMIA was the first Indian airport to launch a unique molecular testing technique developed by Abbott ID Now™’ that produces results in 13 minutes.

CSMIA has adhered to the requirements as laid down by the government regarding the testing of domestic as well as international passengers. Currently, the airport hosts three facilities at its Terminal 2 located at Level 2 Arrival Exit near Gate B, Level 2 Airside corridor, and Level 4 Departure on the curbside opposite Gate 2. CSMIA has established over 30 counters of testing facilities at Terminal 2 set up for international and domestic passengers, including those equipped with molecular testing facilities that offer passengers the option to process their test results in 13 minutes post sample collection. CSMIA has also established over 8 registration desks and 6 testing booths at Terminal 1, where departing as well as arriving passengers can opt to undergo the RT-PCR test at the airport. In line with government norms, the regular test that provides results within 8 hours can now be availed by passengers at a minimal cost of INR 600, while the express test which delivers results in 13 minutes is available at INR 4500.

With an aim to ease the travel experience, CSMIA continually strives towards providing its passengers with a comfortable and safe experience while travelling through the airport. CSMIA continues to follow all protocols laid down by the government and maintains the highest standard of hygiene along with all necessary standard operating procedures to curb the spread of the virus. The RT-PCR test facility at CSMIA for both arriving and departing passengers is a boon for travellers concerns regarding the various quarantine regulations across borders. With test facilities at both departures and arrivals at the airport; passengers can easily travel through CSMIA with comfort, making their journey memorable.