New Delhi, 6th December 2022: India is going to conduct a ballistic missile test next week in the Indian Ocean. In retaliation to this, China has launched a spy vessel into the sea.
The Indian Navy has tracked that a Chinese vessel has landed in the Sunda Strait of Indonesia. This is the same vessel that was sent to Hambantota in August. The name of vessel is name is Yuan Wang-5.
Yuan Wang-5 weighs 20 thousand tons and is equipped with a large antenna, advanced sensors, and other advanced equipment. More than 400 crew are deployed on it.
Recently India issued a notice to declare the Bay of Bengal as a no-fly zone. The ballistic missile is to be tested on December 15 and 16 from Abdul Kalam Island in Odisha.
According to reports, India’s most powerful missile Agni-5 is to be inducted into the army. Its range is around 5 thousand kilometers. The user trial of the said missile is to be done in three phases.
According to the rules, all countries are allowed to navigate in international waters and that’s why China’s ship cannot be stopped.
According to reports, Chinese ships often come to the Indian Ocean to collect data and make oceanographic maps.