New Delhi, 6th December 2022: Global e-commerce company Amazon India is soon going to launch Prime Gaming in India. Amazon India will not charge members of its Amazon Prime and Amazon Prime Video plants in India separately for Prime Gaming.

Earlier, Amazon had launched this gaming service in India in 2020 as well but then it was part of Amazon’s prime membership. According to reports, this time Amazon is going to launch its Prime Gaming in a full-fledged way in India.

Amazon was engaged in testing before the formal launch of Prime Gaming. After the launch of Prime Gaming in India, one can enjoy PC games for free and exclusive content without paying any extra charge.

Sharing the details, Rishi Alwani, who shares news related to the gaming industry, said that Amazon India has created a special page called Prime Gaming on its website. But now if you click on this page then it shows an error here. This means Amazon is testing the same before its formal launch.

This Amazon Prime gaming bundle includes Quake, The Amazing American Circus, Rose Riddle 2, Werewolf Shadow, and more. It is expected that the Indian version of Prime Gaming will also provide a similar experience. However, Amazon India is yet to make any official announcement regarding the launch of Prime Gaming in India.