Gurugram, 6th November 2022: In the Udyog Vihar Phase-IV area of Gurugram, adjoining Delhi, a man was killed in a stunt by drunken people. Two were seriously injured. During the stunt, a speeding car rammed three people. The deceased person has not been identified. The injured were identified as Anu Kumar Gupta and Sushil Kumar, who worked at Discovery Wines. Udyog Vihar police station has registered a case of murder and attempt to murder on the statement of the injured. The investigation has started. Crime branch teams have also started an investigation.

According to the police, there was a lot of noise behind Hotel Hyatt near Rao Gajraj Singh Chowk in the Udyog Vihar Phase-IV area at around 1.30 pm on Saturday. At that time, Anu Kumar Gupta and Sushil Kumar, residents of Najafgarh, were in the Discovery Wine Shop. Hearing the noise, both of them came out and saw that 10-12 youths were talking among themselves. In between, they were also doing stunts with cars.

The accused had two Ertigas, a Hyundai Venue and a Hyundai Creta. At the same time, a 50-year-old man who picked up the garbage in the area and sold it from junk was also standing. A young man was dangerously doing stunts. Seeing this, Anu Kumar Gupta asked Sushil Kumar and the garbage collector to retreat. All three had retreated. Even after this, an Ertiga hit all three.

Reportedly, the speed of the Ertiga was so high that it completely turned around. Due to this, the Ertiga car again mounted the car on the person who picked up the garbage. Due to this, he died on the spot. The injured are being treated in a private hospital.

The footage of CCTV cameras is being scanned to identify the accused. Delhi Police has also been informed about this so that the accused can be identified at the earliest. Often after committing the crime, the miscreants enter the Delhi border. So they don’t get caught soon. It is also being ascertained whether the youth had reached somewhere nearby to party in a hotel.

Manoj Kumar, Assistant Commissioner of Police of the area, says that efforts are being made at many levels to identify the accused. Efforts are also being made to get information about the cars from the Integrated Command and Control Center (ICCC). As far as the identity of the deceased is concerned, the people around say that some people used to give him clothes and they can help in the identification.