Friyana Munshi

Patna, March 14, 2021: Akhtar Imam living in the Janipur area of Danapur, adjacent to Patna, evicted his son from property. He wrote down all his assets in the names of his two elephants. 9 months have passed since the son was evicted but Akhtar does not feel lonely or helpless. The reason for this is the belief he has in his elephants more than the son. This is why people call him ‘Elephant Kaka’.

Akhtar has two elephants. One is named Rani and the other is named Moti. His entire time is spent with the two elephants daily. He came into the limelight for writing his five crore land in their name. He has registered his property in two parts. One part belongs to his wife and the other to his elephants.

Elephants in the bank balance

Elephant Kaka says that “If I am not there, my house, bank balance, field, the barn will all belong to the elephants. If something happens to the elephants, the Airavat organization will get their share of the property.” He says that his life is dedicated to the elephants. Elephants are no lesser than any companion for him.

Son implicated father in a false rape case

Akhtar has no regrets about evicting his only son from the property. He stated that his son Miraj alias Pintu turned out nasty. “He implicated me in a false rape case of his girlfriend. I had to go to jail for it. During the investigation, the allegations turned out to be false and I was acquitted. The son tried to kill my elephants as well but was caught after which I decided to transfer the property to the elephants.”

Elephants rescued him in January


Akhtar said that once two armed men had entered the house to kill them, the elephants made loud noises and woke them and the people around. Hearing the noise, the armed men fled and thus saved his life.