Bihar: Loveguru Matuknath To Open ‘Prem Vidyalaya’


Patna, February 22, 2021: Known as a ‘Loveguru’ in Bihar and across the country Matuknath, a retired Hindi professor of Patna University is now planning to open Osho International School in his village in the Bihpur block of Bhagalpur district, to teach love to the students.

Matuknath was in Patna on Monday. He said that ‘Prem Vidyalaya’ will start in April this year. “Physical, spiritual, spiritual development will be taught in this school. The current education system is based on physical education,” he said.

Once upon a time in Patna, the love story of Matuknath and his disciple Julie was very popular. In 2006, Matuknath was a professor of Hindi at Patna University and Julie was his student. Julie was half of his age. Julie broke all barriers of society and family and then she married Matuknath.

There was a lot of uproar in Patna University about their love story and marriage. His wife exposed him in front of students. Later, he was suspended by the university. Both did not care about anything. However, differences started coming in between Matuknath and Julie from the year 2013-14. Julie got separated from him in 2016. Since 2017, she has been living in an ashram in Trinidad, Africa.