Patna, 18 April 2021: The instructions for banning all sports-related venues, gyms, banning the entry of people in all museums till May 16 have been withdrawn. The Bihar Government’s Arts, Culture and Youth Department had issued two directives related to it on Friday.

Both these instructions have been withdrawn within 24 hours. In the last two days, these four instructions have been issued with the signature of Sanjay Sinha, Director of Students and Youth Welfare. Department Principal Secretary Ravi Parmar has also confirmed the withdrawal of these instructions. However, he has not given any reason behind this.

According to the information, the Department of Arts, Culture and Youth had to withdraw their instructions, because the Crisis Management Group is authorized to take such decisions in times of disaster. The Group, headed by the Chief Secretary, consists of the Principal Secretaries of all important departments.

It is these officers who take decisions related to sanctions after discussion in the meeting. On Friday, the Department of Arts, Culture and Youth had issued instructions from their level. So they had to be withdrawn.