Patna, 7th April 2021: Once again coronavirus is spreading across the state. In such a situation, all the government departments have started working together on the instructions of the Bihar state government so that infection can be prevented from spreading. The Social Welfare Department has also started working on the guidelines of the government.

The department will reach one crore 17 lakh six thousand beneficiaries associated with Anganwadi and all beneficiaries will be screened. The Sevika and Sahayika will go door-to-door and prepare a report.

At the same time, the details of people coming from other states will be made separately. At the same time, if someone is ill, including the beneficiary, then they will make a full detail of it and give it to LS and CDPO. Also, it will help the sick to go to the hospital. Preparations are also being made to issue guidelines on behalf of the department.

Sevika and Sahayika will work together with the team of Health Department to make people aware. Sevika-Sahayika, ASHA workers will prepare the report after screening. This report will contain all the details of the beneficiaries.

Investigation being done at PHC level: In every PHC, a test has been arranged. Those who need to be investigated, are being investigated there. If you get sick after doing the door-to-door screening, then will be sent to the hospital. All PHCs, Medical College in charge, Superintendent’s phone number are also being given to them.

This is how the report will be made: Go to people’s homes to know whether someone is ill or not

If someone gets sick, then where check-up has been done

Will make a report of those who come from outside, where they have come from and when they have come.

An awareness campaign will run

They will advise people 

Social distancing norms

Use of mask

Washing hands with soap for at least two minutes

Do not leave the house without any valid reason

Keep the children in the house

Eat nutritious food