Nishat Aftabi

Kolkata, February 20, 2021: The approaching dates of the assembly elections are creating a huge commotion in West Bengal. All the political parties, including TMC and BJP, are working hard for the upcoming elections.

In between all these preparations, before the commencement of the polls, TMC claimed CM Mamata Banerjee as the daughter of Bengal and started giving a slogan. The slogan stated, ‘West Bengal wants its daughter’. They precisely put forth the debate on a resident and an outsider.

The ruling party has started putting up posters, consisting of slogans and the picture of Mamata Banerjee, officially from their headquarter situated near EM Bypass in Kolkata.

Partha Chatterjee, general secretary of TMC, claimed that Bengal wants their daughter, who was beside them in the form of CM for the last 10 years. We don’t want any outsider to rule Bengal, he said.

The rivalry between TMC and BJP continues and TMC termed the BJP leaders as ‘intruders’ who visited Bengal just for a picnic.
Before these clashes, Banerjee came down heavily upon the BJP party leaders, especially Amit Shah.

Leader of TMC and CM, Mamata Banerjee proclaimed that BJP leaders are telling that they won’t let Saraswati puja happen in Bengal. “They do not know Goddess Durga and Goddess Kali and are planning to rule Bengal!”