Bihar, 19 February 2021: Many genetically mutated children have been born in Bihar in the past years. This time a child suffering from serious illness was born on Thursday at Hathua Sub-Divisional Hospital in Gopalganj. The child was born with a big head, eyes, and a distinct white covering on the body. The hospital staff was stunned to see the child and named him Alien Baby, and soon the huge crowd gathered to take a glimpse of this Alien Baby. However, the child died about two and a half hours after birth.

On Wednesday evening, the wife of Chunchun Yadav, a resident of Sahiba Chakra village of Mirganj police station area of Gopalganj, was admitted to Hathua Sub-Divisional Hospital. The woman gave birth to the child whose both eyes were big and ruddy. The upper jaw had teeth like those of adults. There was a different kind of white covering on the body.

According to doctors, such a child is born in 1 million. It is not the first case in Bihar, where the child was born with unique characteristics. Nearly five years ago, a girl named shaily was born with an unusual condition. Shelly was suffering from a disease in which her eyes would pop out even with the slightest jolt. Salman Khan and Kunal Kapoor funded her treatment.

The genetic mutation in the parents causes such unusual development in the children. Such children can live for a maximum of a few days, as all their organs are not fully developed. Such children have a layer above the body due to which the skin is unable to take oxygen. This disease is called ‘Harlequin Ichthyosis.’