Patna, 6th February 2022: The journey of a girl from Patna, Bihar is serving as an inspiration to millions of girls across the country as she spent her childhood begging at Patna Railway Station as an orphan child and completed her education during this time. But today with her immense patience and determination she runs a cafeteria in the city of Patna.

Although you will see dozens of children begging at various junctions, coming out of this atmosphere, an orphan girl named Jyoti not only passed her matriculation but is running a cafeteria with studies.

Nineteen-year-old Jyoti still does not know who her real parents were. She said, “I was abandoned as a child by a beggar couple at Patna railway station. With the help of many good people I kept on moving forward in life even though I had experienced harsh days.”

When Jyoti’s eyes were open, she was lying destitute at Patna railway station and kept begging for several days. But, with the passion and confidence to achieve the goal, not only did she get her education but today she runs a cafeteria in the city of Patna. Confident Jyoti is now showing light to the lives of girls and has become an example for many.

Jyoti has the desire to read and said, “Reading was definitely in my mind.” Her childhood had passed without reading, but the desire to read did not diminish the flame. The Patna district administration gave the responsibility of Jyoti to the voluntary organization Rambo Foundation which changed her life.

Vishakha Kumari, Bihar head of Rambo Foundation, said “there are five centers in Patna, in which such poor, orphan boys, girls are kept and educated and taken forward. After Jyoti joined this foundation, all her dreams got wings. Jyoti started her studies and then passed the matriculation examination with good marks. After this, she also got training in Madhubani painting at Upendra Maharathi Institute and learned to paint. Today Jyoti alone runs the cafeteria.”

Jyoti runs the cafeteria from morning till night and studies in her free time. Today Jyoti lives in a rented house by spending her own money. Jyoti, who dreams of making a career in the field of marketing, is still pursuing her studies beyond the open school.

Jyoti has not only become an inspiration to many girls today but is also opening the eyes of such girls, who are facing small problems. Jyoti said, “any destination can be achieved if you move forward with courage.”