Bengaluru, 12 March 2021: A shocking incident came to light after a woman from Bengaluru claimed that the delivery boy from Zomato punched her due to the order’s cancellation. However, The delivery has said that the woman accidentally injured her face with her ring. The woman’s video became viral on social media.

Talking to Hindustan Times at the Electronic Police Station in Bangalore, delivery boy Kamaraj said, “As soon as I reached his home to deliver, I told her that I was stuck in traffic because I had to place another order. I apologized for the delay. The woman was very rude. She said that she does not want to hear any excuse because I did not deliver the food on time. He then took food from me and refused to give the money, saying that I should have come within the stated time”.

The delivery boy told the woman that she would have to pay 198 rupees for the order. Kamaraj said, “I told her that I am not her slave and she should treat me with respect. She shouted at me and started saying, what can I do?”

Actually, on Wednesday, Bengaluru-based Hitesh Chandrani posted a video on social media, alleging that the Zomato delivery boy beat him up after arguing for a delay in delivery. He also claimed that Kamaraj forcibly entered the house, abused and punched her in the face.

On Wednesday, Hitesh Chandrani said, “He started shouting at me and said if I am a slave? You are asking me to stay here. It was horrifying for me. I tried to close my door, but he pushed the door, entered my house, took my ordered food from the table, punched me in my face, and ran away”.

However, Kamaraj claimed that when he went to deliver the food, the woman was talking to Zomato Customer Care and canceled the order. “Since the order was canceled, I was asked to take the food back. When I asked for it back, she refused. After which, I insisted and withdrew the meal. After this, she started abusing and threw her sandals at me”, said Kamraj.

Contrary to the woman’s claims, Kamaraj said that it was the woman who started attacking her, and I tried to protect myself with my hands. When she tried to push my hand away, a ring on his finger hit his nose. I told the police that if you look at the cut on the nose, you will find that the punch did not cause it. If you watch the video, you can see the ring on his finger. Kamaraj said that yes, I made a mistake that I was late.

Responding to Kamaraj’s claims, the woman Hitesh Chandrani said, “I did not demand any refund from Kamraj. She further stated that she did not return the parcel to the delivery executive after the order was canceled, as he pushed the door. If, according to him, I attacked him first, then why he ran away? Why did he not ask for help? It is not possible that I could hurt myself with my ring.”

The Electronic City Police have currently registered a case against Kamaraj under sections 325 (punishment for causing severe injury) and 504 (willful dishonor intent to breach peace) of the Indian Penal Code. He was arrested on Wednesday and released on bail the same day. While talking about the investigation, the officials said that statements from both sides were being collected.