Kabul, 26th August 2021: Since the capture of power by the Taliban in Afghanistan, there is an atmosphere of chaos all around. People are rushing to Kabul airport to board the plane, afraid of the Taliban and hoping some countries will shelter them. Many countries, including America, are also trying to evacuate their citizens, but there are thousands of people who are trying to get out of Afghanistan. This is the reason why people have gathered at Kabul airport.

People desperate to leave Afghanistan are present in large numbers outside Kabul Airport. Wherever he is getting a place, he is sitting there waiting for his turn. The result of this is that food and drink items are available there at skyrocketing prices. According to news agency Reuters, an Afghan national said food and water were being sold at exorbitant prices. In a way, the Afghans are facing a double whammy.

Afghan national Fazal-ur-Rahman told Reuters news agency that a bottle of water at Kabul airport is selling for US $ 40, or about Rs 3,000 (2,964.81) and a plate of rice for US $ 100, or about Rs 7500. Surprisingly, these items are being sold only in dollars and not in Afghani currency. If someone wants to buy a bottle of water or food, he will also have to pay in US dollars and not in Afghan currency.

Fazal further explains that things are being found here at such an expensive price that it is beyond the reach of the common man. Another Afghan citizen Abdul Razzaq said that there is a huge crowd and women and children are in pathetic condition due to the crowd. At the moment, somehow people are here. The condition of the people is getting worse. Let us tell you that people are so desperate to leave Afghanistan that they are not even paying attention to the waste and dirty water and are sitting there waiting for their turn for hours.