New Delhi, 26th April 2022: Home decor start-up, WallMantra is growing from strength to strength ever since its debut in 2013. It has also overcome the lull due to the pandemic and has been receiving an overwhelming response following the lockdown. It is currently catering to the decor requirements of more than 10,000 customers every month.

The decor brand has set new targets for 2022-23, which includes new durable segments. Giving details about the company’s expansion plans, Jitesh Agarwal, founder of WallMantra, says, “We plan to expand into new verticals like designer home electronics, furniture and other durables. We recently launched designer-printed ceiling fans, which have been receiving a great response from the users. We are also developing an augmented reality app to facilitate and assist users in planning and designing their home decor.” He adds, “With the combination of these durables and app, the projected growth of the brand is estimated to be around, at least, 2.5X in this financial year of 2022-23.”

Interestingly, WallMantra began its home decor journey with wall stickers. Currently, the brand’s top-selling categories are paintings, mirrors, shelves and coffee tables. Talking about the philosophy that drives his brand and keeps it relevant, Agarwal shares, “WallMantra is driven by the desire to provide beautiful home decor and furnishing to Indian consumers at an affordable price. With this philosophy, we are able to come up with new products, designs and categories that are exclusive to us. This in turn has customers coming back to us for more.”

What also sets the home decor brand apart from the rest is that it follows responsible business practices. For instance, when it comes to glassware manufacturing and retailing, it consciously ensures the avoidance of malpractices like hazardous working conditions, child labour, toxic materials, and callous waste disposal that plagues the industry. WallMantra makes sure that its products are ethically made in safe working conditions and practices proper waste management.

WallMantra also raised ₹2 crores from Fluid Ventures Fund in their seed round recently; the funds will be utilized to strengthen sales and marketing capabilities and introduce décor products for both Indian and US markets.