New Delhi, 21 August 2021: The Vice President, M. Venkaiah Naidu today emphasized the need to make the youth aware of our glorious past and rich cultural heritage. He also said that stories of great kings like Krishnadevaraya should be included in our history books prominently so as to inspire the younger generation.

In a facebook post, after visiting Hampi, the famous seat of erstwhile Vijayanagara empire in Ballari district of Karnataka, the Vice President said that this historical site reminds us of our rich and vibrant past. “I would like to urge all educational institutions to organize students’ tours to places of historical prominence to enable them to be better acquainted with our rich and glorious heritage,” he added.

Praising the grandeur and magnificence of the UNESCO World Heritage site, Shri Naidu said that this historical pilgrimage filled him with a sense of pride about the vison and skills of our ancestors.

The Vijayanagara empire which was found by two brothers Harihara Raya-I and Bukka Raya-I in 1336 between river Krishna and Tungabhadra, reached its golden age under the reign of the powerful king, Krishnadevaraya. During this period, trade across the globe expanded and fields like, music, dance, literature, painting, sculpture and architecture saw a new high and left behind an indelible imprint in the sands of time. “It was during this period that Telugu literature flourished reaching glorious heights and Vijayanagara became the most renowned metropolises of medieval India,” the Vice President wrote.

Recalling the contributions of great Krishnadevaraya, the Vice President said that he was a great litterateur-king, who composed the epic Telugu poem, Ámukta Malyada, which describes the anguish of estrangement experienced by Andal, the incarnate of Goddess Lakshmi. Listing the names of the eight celebrated scholars and poets in the court of emperor, Krishnadevaraya collectively known as ‘Áshtadiggajas’ or eight literary titans, Shri Naidu said that these great literary stalwarts, Alasani Peddanna, Nandi Thimmanna, Madayyagari Mallanna, Dhurjati, Ayyalaraju Ramambhadrudu, Pingali Suranna, Ramarajabhushanudu and Tenali Ramakrishna, toghether took Telugu literature and poetry to extraordinary heights of refinement and excellence.

Naidu further wrote that the remains of forts, palaces, temples and market places bear testimony to the glory of the Vijayanagar Empire. He said that each monument at Hampi has a certain uniqueness which leaves one mesmerized and reflects its majestic cultural greatness.

The Vice President, who arrived here yesterday visited various sites at Hampi today including Virupaksha Temple, Shrine of Garuda (Stone Chariot) Ganesha Images, Lakshminarasimha, Badavilinga, Vijaya Vithala Temple, Pushkarni, Lotus Mahal and Hazara Rama Temple. He offered prayers at Virupaksha temple along with his family members and was briefed upon various aspects of Hampi World Heritage Site by the officials of Archeological Survey of India. He appreciated the good work being undertaken by ASI at the site and further emphasized the need for everyone including the local residents to come together to help preserve our rich heritage.

Later in the evening, the Vice President will witness cultural program organized by the Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation. Thereafter, he would also witness the light and sound show narrating he history of Hampi at the World Heritage Site.