Uttar Pradesh, February 2021: A family admitted their daughter-in-law to the district hospital with the hope that she would give birth to a son. But when the daughter-in-law gave birth to a daughter instead of taking care of her the in-laws left mother and child alone at the district hospital. For the last ten days, the woman has been waiting for her husband in a ward number of the hospital.

The woman has been identified as Ayesha Ahmed resident of village Khatekhedi in Mandi Kotwali area was married about a year and half to a man from Bhanera village in Deoband Kotwali area.

After marriage, everything was going well. After she became pregnant, her husband daily used to demand Ayesha to give birth to a son. Whenever Ayesha used to say that daughter or son are both equal, her husband used to beat and harass her.

On January 22, Ayesha was admitted to the district hospital. Late on 22 January, she gave birth to a daughter. As soon the news was known to her in-laws, her father-in-law, the husband left her in the district hospital alone.