Friyana Munshi

Mirzapur, March 27, 2021: In Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh, a child died after a mobile battery exploded. The blast was so severe that a large part of the child’s face was severely damaged due to the explosion. According to the information, at the time of the blast, the child was trying to charge with the mobile in its hand. Often cases of a mobile battery bursting while charging the phone have come to light. Hence to avoid such incidents here are a few guidelines one can follow:

Do not do these things


While charging, do not talk on the phone. Also, if you are fond of gaming, then playing the game while keeping the phone on charging can also be dangerous. Always keep the phone away from you at the time of charging, and avoid using it. You may switch off the phone and charge it as well.

Always use the right charger

It is often seen that many people use any other charger in place of the original charger provided with the phone. If your original charger is damaged, then buy a new charger from the company itself. Every mobile has a different charging support capability. Also, never use a local power bank.

Keep these things in mind

– Always avoid overheating. If your phone is getting hot then it is better not to use it for a while.

– Avoid sleeping with the phone next to you.

– Do not leave the phone on overnight charging. Sometimes over-charging can cause problems.

– Do not use apps that consume too much battery.

– Never use a local battery in the phone as they have high probabilities of blasting.