Khair, 9th May 2022: The newlyweds requested the road in front of the Aligarh MP after seeing the path from their house to the temple transform into a swamp. MP Satish Gautam had gone to the wedding house in the village of Khair to witness the bride’s face being revealed. The newlyweds have been informed by the MP that a road will be built in a month.

Naveen Sharma is a farmer who lives in the Kasiso village in the Khair assembly constituency. Deepanshu Sharma, his son, is studying in Delhi and preparing for the CGL exam.

He married Babli Sharma, a MA pass, a resident of Hathras, on May 2. On Sunday, MP Satish Gautam arrived at the wedding venue. Meanwhile, when Babli arrived to seek the MP’s blessings, the MP began offering omens in the rite. The newlyweds asked him to pave the path going to the temple as it will serve as an omen for them.

Accepting the newlyweds’ request, the MP promptly went to see the route. There is a wetland due to the unpaved road going to the temple, which is roughly 150 metres long, and the buildup of mud and water. The newlyweds and their family were promptly told by the MP that this road would be transformed to a pucca road within a month.