New Delhi, 14th January 2023: By building a 75-kilometer highway between Amravati and Akola in just 105 hours and 33 minutes last year, the NHAI broke its record. In just seven years, the pace of highway construction in India has increased by more than 300 percent. However, the Road Transport Ministry intends to speed up this process even more since State Minister VK Singh has stated that prefabricated materials will be used to construct roadways more quickly.

The invention will increase NHAI’s daily road construction capacity from the current 33 km to 100–150 km. Except for bridge foundations, prefabricated materials will be employed in the majority of projects. Everything will be manufactured in a factory and delivered to the location.

He stressed the importance of bringing prefabricated components to the job site directly during his speech at a symposium on decarbonizing construction. By dramatically lowering CO2 emissions, the action can accelerate the development of green roadways.