Delhi, 12th January 2023: There has been a stir at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport (Delhi IGI Airport) due to information about a bomb on a plane. According to the information, there is information about a bomb on the flight from Delhi to Pune. As soon as the information was received, the security agencies became alert and are investigating.

Delhi Police said someone called and informed them about the presence of a bomb on a flight going from Delhi to Pune. This information was received when the flight was about to take off from Delhi airport to Pune. Immediately after this, the security agencies became alert, and a search operation is being conducted. Passengers have been ejected from the aircraft. Flight checking is being done at the airport.

A bomb was reported on Monday evening in a Moscow-Goa chartered flight as well. A Goa-bound international flight was diverted to Jamnagar in Gujarat on Monday evening, and the crew was cleared to make an emergency landing at the Jamnagar airport after the Goa ATC received a bomb threat, airport officials said. Passengers on a Moscow-Goa chartered flight were frisked by security forces on Tuesday. After nothing suspicious was found on the Moscow-Goa charter flight, the flight left Jamnagar for Goa.