Noida, 13th June 2022: Two Chinese citizens who entered India illegally through the Nepal border stayed in Noida for 15 days, but the police and security agencies still did not get any idea. The SSB team caught both of them on their way back via the Nepal border on Saturday. After which both have been handed over to Bihar Police for questioning. In this case, Noida Police has started the investigation and it is being ascertained where and for what purposes they lived in Noida and with whom were they in contact.

According to the information, two Chinese nationals first reached Thailand from China, then reached Kathmandu in Nepal, from there on a bicycle came to the Nepal border and on May 24, both these Chinese nationals entered India illegally. After entering India, they took a car on rent and from there reached their friend named Carrie living in Noida.

After this, both the people roamed around Noida and nearby places for 15 days. On Saturday, both the Chinese nationals again reached the Nepal border in a rented car and after returning the car were trying to cross the border on foot, when the SSB team caught both of them. The team has not found an Indian visa from any of them. Apart from this, many SIM cards bought in India have also been recovered.

The arrested civilians have been identified as 30-year-old Lu Lang and 32-year-old Yu Helang. The SSB team has handed over both the arrested youths to the police of Sursand police station of Sitamarhi, Bihar where they are being interrogated. After getting the information, Noida Police has also started an investigation.

Additional commissioner of law and order Luv Kumar said, “We have got the information about the arrest of Chinese nationals. With whom did these people stay in Noida and with whom did they meet? Its investigation has been started and Noida Police is continuously in touch with Bihar Police and other investigating agencies regarding this matter.”