New Delhi, 18 April 2021: The state governments have become cautious amid reports of large numbers of people getting infected at the ongoing Kumbh in Haridwar, Uttarakhand. Many states have issued guidelines for those who return after taking bath in Kumbh.

The second wave of coronavirus in the country is becoming extremely deadly. Everyday new cases are making records. 2.61 lakh cases of infection have been reported on Sunday. In the midst of all this, more than 100 saints of various akharas in Kumbh have been infected with Corona. Following the appeal of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, six Saints have also announced the termination of the Kumbh. The state governments have become alert amid reports of a large number of people getting infected in Kumbh. Many states have issued guidelines for those who return after taking bath in Kumbh.

Delhi: People coming to Delhi from Haridwar Kumbh will have to stay home quarantined for 14 days. The Delhi government issued an order stating that strict action will be taken against whoever violates the order. Apart from this, those who attended the Kumbh Mela between April 4 and April 17 will have to upload their information on the Delhi Government website within 24 hours. Along with this, those people who are going to go to Kumbh between 18 April and 30 April will also have to give their information.

Gujarat: Those returning to Gujarat after bathing in Ahmedabad Kumbh will not be allowed to enter without RT-PCR check. They will be allowed to go to the city only if their report is found negative. And if the report turns out to be positive, one has to remain in isolation for 14 days. Collectors in all the districts have been instructed to keep an eye on those returning from the Kumbh Mela and enforce the blockade to prevent them from returning to their hometown without RT-PCR investigation.

Madhya Pradesh: The Madhya Pradesh government directed all the district collectors to quarantine those returning from the Kumbh Mela going on in Haridwar, Uttarakhand. The government said that all people have to inform the district collector about their arrival. In the last five days, a total of 2167 people have been found infected with the corona virus in Haridwar.

Odisha: The Odisha government has said that all people returning to the state from Kumbh Mela must first undergo RT-PCR test and 14 days quarantine to prevent the spread of corona. People can complete the quarantine at home or temporary medical camp (TMC). Apart from this, the data of those joining the Kumbh has been shared with collectors and municipal commissioners. The order said that all such people should be personally tracked and their health should be continuously monitored.

Karnataka: The covid-19 test has been made mandatory for all the people of Karnataka returning from the Kumbh Mela in Haridwar. Announcing this, state Health Minister K Sudhakar said that pilgrims attending the Haridwar Kumbh Mela will have to stay quarantined at their home for one week and undergo RT-PCR test.