Jagtial, 24th December 2022: Ogula Ajay,31, who works in the gulf won a lottery in Dubai. The jackpot, the EASY6 grand prize of the Emirates draw, was worth 15 million Dirhams, which translates into 30 cr in Indian rupees.

Ajay, who works as a driver in a jewellery company in Dubai, hails from the village of Thuguru, Birpur Mandal, Jagtial in Telangana. He migrated to the UAE in search of employment almost 4 years ago.

“I purchased two lottery tickets and was surprised when I found the numbers matching the winning six-digit number. The fortune is about `30 crore in Indian currency,” he said in a video.

 In his family, he is the eldest of three. They also have an ageing mother. Ogula had followed his employer’s advice to install the Emirates Draw mobile app and buy two tickets.

“I was out with my friend when I received the congratulatory email. I thought it was probably a small amount, but when I started reading, the zeroes kept adding up, and I practically lost my mind when I realised the final figure,” he said.

Ajay wishes to build a house and also set up a construction company.

“I will continue building my charity trust with this amount. This will help many people get the basic needs in my hometown and neighbouring villages