Bangalore, 31 March 2022: With an aim to create awareness among the students to feel the need to support the welfare of the animals in the wildlife habitat, Ekya School, BTM Layout encouraged students to start the PAL (Passionate Animal Lovers) initiative as a part of their Service Learning Program. Through this programme, they have planned to passively adopt a few species in the Bannerghatta Biological Park.

Passive adoption gives each one of you the chance to be a guardian of a few specific species chosen by us from the list provided by the conservationists at Bannerghatta National Park. Our adoption covers Feed, Maintenance and Veterinary health care expenses.

With the motto, ‘Be Kind to Every Kind’, the students have adopted two endangered wildlife species – The Indian Grey Wolf and African Grey Parrot for one year. This initiative by the school is a part of the ‘Service Learning Program’ (SLP) introduced by Ekya Schools where students can be involved in activities beyond their academics.

The Service Learning Program was introduced at Ekya Schools as it helps students identify themselves as part of the community and pick up on civic engagement skills. It encourages students to understand more deeply about their local communities, gain practical skills, develop their career and personal interests.

Dr. Tristha Ramamurthy, Founder & Managing Director, Ekya Schools, and Provost, CMR University said “We have introduced SLP to bring students and teachers communities together, build their bond stronger and work for a noble cause. We are thrilled to see students coming forward and donating money for the adoption. Adopting is a lifestyle. It creates a sense of participation and attachment to the wild animals thereby creating bonding and a sense of involvement. Besides, this also provides a source of revenue for better zoo management and for better up-keep of animals. Also, it helps children understand the habitat and the lifestyle of the animals at a closer level.”

“We are happy to announce that our students have adopted two endangered species at the Bannerghatta National Park. Adoption is just the initial phase. Regular educational tours will be organized for the students to widen the circle of compassion to embrace the animals and their habitat. We will be visiting the park frequently to understand the growth of the adopted animal and foster their needs on a periodical basis. More than just contributing money, we have undertaken this program to let students take ownership of the animals’ wellbeing, experience the joy of spending time with these animals, actively and passively”, said Deepa Rani, Head of School, Ekya School BTM Layout.


Under this initiative, a total of 33,000 INR was raised through various crowdfunding and contributions by the students. The same was handed over to Dr Sunil Panwar, Forest Service Officer, Conservator of Forests and Executive Director of Bannerghatta Biological Park, Bangalore. He conveyed his gratitude to the School and the management for encouraging such a great initiative through the students. A certificate of adoption was presented to the school along with a few badges and other rewards as a token of gratitude.