Delhi, 1st December 2022: During the narco test at Rohini’s Ambedkar Hospital on Thursday, Aftab answered many questions in a state of unconsciousness, which psychologists were shocked to hear. If sources are to be believed, the accused not only confessed to killing Shraddha but also explained with which weapons he dismembered her after the murder.

Apart from this, Aftab stated that after murdering the victim, he had also shared the information with someone. Aftab was also asked various questions regarding his plan and the process of the murder and other possible involved persons.

The police reached Ambedkar Hospital on Thursday morning at around quarter to nine with Aftab. After this, his clothes were changed before going to the emergency OT of Ambedkar Hospital. In the OT, in the presence of a psychologist and forensic expert, the doctor of Ambedkar Hospital administered an anaesthesia injection to Aftab. After a few minutes, he went into a state of semi-consciousness. During this, four psychologists asked about eight questions each.

If sources are to be believed, Aftab admitted that he had committed the murder. He first brought Shraddha to Delhi and then started meeting other girls on the dating app and called them home. Shraddha was upset about this. They would often fight. On May 18, they fought over the same issue, and in a fit of rage, he killed Shraddha. During Aftab’s narco test, which lasted more than two hours, Aftab answered all the questions correctly. Psychologists and police were also satisfied. It is expected that after the narco test, the scope of police investigation may increase.

He was also shown photos of Shraddha, photos of the house, and photos of the girls he met through the dating app. Police personnel in civil dress were also deployed for security. Security was tightened at Ambedkar Hospital. About two dozen police personnel were stationed in the corridor containing the Emergency OT. Both roads leading to the OT were taken over by the police. No outsider was allowed during the test. Police personnel were stationed outside the gate as well. Police personnel in civil dress were keeping an eye on every activity. Since the attack on the van carrying Aftab on Monday, the police have been on high alert.