Delhi, 21st November 2022: Aftab, accused in Mumbai’s Shraddha Walker murder case, has kept his mouth shut in front of the Delhi Police till now. Till now, the police have not found any evidence based on which Aftab can be proven guilty in court. In such a situation, Delhi Police’s hope rested on the narco test to be held on Monday. However, the narco test could not be done on Monday. Meanwhile, the news is coming out that Aftab’s polygraph test will be done before the narco test.

Delhi Police has filed a petition in the lower court to conduct a polygraph test of Aftab Amin Poonawalla on Monday. Saket Court’s Metropolitan Magistrate Aviral Shukla referred the matter to Metropolitan Magistrate Vijayshree Rathore, who had earlier heard the Shraddha murder case and allowed the Delhi Police to conduct a narco test on Aftab. Delhi Police’s petition may be heard on Tuesday.

If police sources are to be believed, the Delhi Police had filed an application in the court regarding the narco test because Aftab was misleading the police by changing his statement. Now, permission has also been sought for conducting a polygraph test on this basis. The purpose of the narco test and polygraph test is to extract the truth from a person. However, the processes of both tests are completely different from each other.

The polygraph test is also called the lie detector test in easy language. This is a kind of special technique, in which truth and falsehood are detected through machines. In this, questions are asked of the accused or the concerned person. Then while answering the question, the internal behaviour of the human body like pulse rate, heartbeat, blood pressure etc. is assessed through the graph on the screen of the machine.

When a person often tells a lie, there are many changes in the body like sweating, shivering, loud heartbeat. During the lie detector test, wires are placed on various parts of the human body, through which the machine monitors its gestures. No medicine or injection is given to the person in the polygraph test. He answers questions with full consciousness. During the polygraph test, an expert monitors the changes in the person’s body. Then based on that, seeing the output of the machine tells the difference between truth and falsehood.

The Narco test is different from the polygraph test in many ways. In the process of this test, an injection is given to the person, after which he is neither completely conscious nor unconscious. Narco is a Greek word which means anaesthesia. Doctors use truth syrup drugs in narco tests. It is injected and applied to the person. However, before this, some routine tests are done to know whether the person’s body is capable of withstanding anaesthesia or not.

Extreme care has to be taken at the time of the narco test. A little carelessness can even take a person’s life. The law of India allows a person’s narco test only when there is no solid evidence against him or he is constantly denying his words. Before this investigation, a team of experts is formed, under whose supervision the whole process is done. After giving the truth drug, the power of thinking and understanding a person’s brain ends and he is not able to lie. In such a situation, the chances of the truth coming out of his mouth are high.