Lakshadweep, 11 June 2021: Filmmaker and activist Aisha Sultana, a resident of Chetlat Island, has been booked by Kavaratti Police on sedition charges.

The complaint was registered by Abdul Khadar, the BJP leader of Lakshadweep. The case under section 124A and 153B of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) has been registered against Aisha.

The controversy has happened over Aisha’s ‘bioweapon’ remark during a television debate. During a debate on a Malayalam channel, Aisha allegedly disseminated false news about the spread of Covid19 in the union territory. She said that the Central government has used bioweapons for the spread of Covid19 in Lakshadweep.

Khadar alleged that “Aisha’s statement is anti-national, it spoils the ‘public spirit’ image of the central government.  Strong action should be taken against her so that it shouldn’t happen again.”

FIR against Aisha has also been lodged in Kerala by BJP workers.  Aisha is participating in a campaign against the proposed law in Lakshadweep.

Defending her statement in a Facebook post, Aisha wrote, “I had used the word ‘bio weapon’ in the TV debate. I felt Patel (Governor) and his policies as a bioweapon. Covid19 was spread in Lakshadweep through Patel and his group. I have compared Patel as a bioweapon, not the government or country. You should understand this.”