Sushant Ranjan
Patna, January 19, 2021: The Bihar Director General of Police, while making a big disclosure about the Rupesh Singh murder case, the station manager of the airline company IndiGo, said that Rupesh was killed on contract for airport parking.

There was already a dispute about parking contracts. Many people of his family were involved in the work in this contract. In this case, the police are investigating from every angle. The DGP said that Chief Minister Nitish Kumar himself is also taking in-depth information about the whole matter.

DGP S K Singhal said that the police investigation in the Rupesh murder case has reached the final stages, according to the facts which have come out, the contract killer was called from outside to murder him.

Every aspect is being closely investigated in this matter. Big revelations will be seen soon. Since this sensational incident on January 12, the police is almost clueless about the killers. The entire opposition has created a big political upheaval surrounding the government. The Chief Minister himself is monitoring the entire matter and taking information from moment to moment.

Regarding the Rupesh murder case, Bihar DGP Singhal said that this is a very sensitive and complex matter. The case of tenders received by Rupesh’s family members is also being strictly investigated. The investigation is underway in two cases, Airport Parking Contract and Family Contract. These are the two cases due to which there is a possibility of murder.