Sushant Ranjan

Patna, October 08, 2020: After a long illness, Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan died on Thursday evening. His son and LJP national president Chirag Paswan confirmed this. Chirag Paswan wrote in his tweet, “Papa …. you are no longer in this world but I know you are always with me wherever you are. Miss you Papa …”.

In his tweet, Chirag Paswan has also shared a picture of his father, in which Chirag is seen in Ram Vilas’s lap.

Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan was undergoing treatment in a hospital in Delhi. Just a few days ago, he also had an operation of his heart. This was also shared by Chirag Paswan. Chirag Paswan also mentioned in his tweet that in the coming days, his father will have another operation.

Chirag Paswan wrote in his tweet of October 4, “Papa has been undergoing treatment in the hospital for the past several days. His heart had to be operated late last night due to sudden circumstances that occurred last evening. Probably a few weeks if needed One more operation has to be done later. Thank you all for standing with me and my family in this hour of crisis. ”

Ram Vilas Paswan was one of the most experienced leaders of the country. He had more than 5 decades of parliamentary experience in which he was a member of the Lok Sabha nine times and twice a Rajya Sabha MP.

Ram Vilas Paswan is considered to be such a leader of Indian politics who soon recognized the wave of politics. Even, he went to jail during the Emergency against Congress power, he was also a minister in the UPA government.