New Delhi, 3rd December 2022: The Railway Board may make it mandatory to have n MBA degree for the job of Commercial Inspector as part of improving its functioning.

At present, for the post of commercial inspector, graduate youth apply but in the future only MBA degree holders may apply for the same.

This new rule will be implemented in the new recruitment.

The Commercial Department of the Railway Board issued a letter on November 23 stating that there is a plan to merge the post of Commercial Inspector with the post of Chief Commercial cum Ticket Clerk cadre.

Railway officials said that at present the duties of all the employees of the commercial department (Group-C) are divided and they cannot do each other’s work.

For example, in the commercial department, TTES check tickets on the train, while TCs check tickets at platforms and gates. Booking clerks do ticket booking at railway ticket counters and commercial inspectors do the work of prevention of illegal weddings, etc. on trains and stations.

All of them are employees of the commercial department.

The Central Government has started merging all the cadres of the Commercial Department under the reorganization of the Railways so that their duties can be imposed as per the requirement.

Railways employ 85,000 employees in the commercial department.

According to the official, MBA will be made mandatory for the said post along with graduation. Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) will soon examine to fill the vacant posts in the commercial department.

However, Railway union leaders have decided to oppose the rule. They argue that the Railways want to reduce the number of railway employees in the name of Multi Task Staff (MTS).

According to the union, Railway wants to take many types of work together from one employee. Two decades ago, the Railways came up with a multi-skill scheme, which was opposed by the union and later withdrawn by the Railway Board.