Lohegaon, 11th June 2021: Air Force Wives Welfare Association (AFWA) has distributed 250 ration kits to needy people in and around the Air Force Station.
A total of 75 packets of ration were distributed at the cremation ground (Lohegaon colony), 50 packets of ration were distributed at the airport labour camp and a total of 125 ration packets were distributed to the daily wage labourers under the Indian Air Force (IAF) administration. The food packets have all the necessary groceries. A total of 250 ration packets were distributed at the local level by AFWA (2nd Wing).
The Indian Air Force (IAF) has always shown its indomitable courage, valour when it comes to protecting the nation. IAF not only safeguards the country by providing national security. But it also protects the country in every situation of natural calamity or internal crisis.
Not only Indian airmen but also their wives have given their full support and courage to help the people in the hour of crisis.
Air Force Wives Welfare Association (AFWA) is being successfully run by the wives of airmen for the last 50 years. The main objective of this organization is ‘public welfare’ and ‘public interest’ besides helping the companions. Martyrdom, illness or death of family members, in every circumstance, the AFWA members have helped the families by providing their invaluable support to the people in dire need.
AFWA has conducted various community support programs not only at the regional but also at the local level to help the shattered families battling the Corona epidemic. With the help of the administration, AFWA managed to distribute ration packets at various levels.