Mumbai, 28th August 2021: #UninstallHotstar hashtag has been trending on the internet since Friday morning. Users are furious. Constantly removing the OTT app from the smartphone and sharing its screenshot.

In the last few years, such trends have been coming about the boycott of some OTT platforms. But the question is still what happened after all that people have stood up against ‘Hotstar’ like this? The first information is that this is happening due to a web series. The name of the series is ‘The Empire’ and it is based on the story of ‘Babur’.

‘The Empire’ is streaming on the OTT platform from August 27. It has Dino Morea and Shabana Azmi along with Kunal Kapoor in the lead roles. This series is based on the story of Mughal King Babur. The series is said to be based on the novel ‘Empire of the Moghal – Raiders from the North’ by Alex Rutherford.

After watching the trailer of the series, Vikas Pandey, a software professional and activist complained to ‘Hotstar’, which has been rejected by the officials of the OTT platform.

Pandey has objected to the fact that Babur was a murderer and killed lakhs of Hindus in the victory of India. Ram Janmabhoomi was also destroyed. The complainant says that this series appears to glorify ‘Babar’ and it is objectionable. Pandey has also written in his complaint that even after more than 500 years, Babur’s actions are a cause of pain for Hindus all over the world and hence the show may create a serious law and order situation in India.

Now replying to the complaint on behalf of ‘Hotstar’ it has been said that in their series ‘Babur’ is not glorified. Nor does this web series refer to the Supreme Court’s decision of 2019 in favour of the Ram Janmabhoomi temple.

The OTT platform said, “The complainant talked about how Babar is responsible for killing lakhs of Hindus and forcibly converting them as well as demolishing the temple and building a mosque in his name on the same land. No such reference has been made in the series.”