August 4, 2021: To celebrate women above the age of 40 who’ve excelled at work and home,  there is a new YouTube Channel highlighting their stories and achievements.

The channel comprise video interviews with women achievers who are successful leaders, homemakers or entrepreneurs.  The 45-60 minute long stories reveal how these women overcame stereotypes, societal expectations and difficulties, and still excelled in their lives.

The content is curated organically and covers women from different stratas of society who have made a mark despite challenging circumstances. Watching these conversations will provide experiential learning to audiences to discover their own capabilities.

Elaborating on the channel’s approach,  Suman Chhabria-Addepalli, creator and host, NotJustAunty says, “Women leaders and achievers are ‘Not Just Aunties’ once they cross their 40th,  50th, 60th, 70th, or even 80th birthday! There are many  women professionals, homemakers and leaders above the age of 40 who are founts of wisdom and contributing immensely at work, home and even giving back to society.

“It is well-known that it is tough for women to leave small children and go to work when they are young mothers,  but it is even tougher once they are over 40 years of age as there exists an unspoken bias against recruiting them.”

“Hence it becomes even more important to capture the wisdom and knowledge of successful women in this cohort and present it to other women struggling with similar challenges in their professional or personal space,” she further adds.

NotJustAunty content is designed to guide Women over 40 and challenge them to achieve success.

Themes covered by the channel are: Staying Relevant, Pursuing Passion, Health and Fitness, Work-life Balance and Coping with Covid19.

The curated playlists will cover all categories of women achievers: homemakers, leaders and entrepreneurs and  –  so that audiences can learn from diversity.

In the coming weeks, women achievers who will be interviewed include Nina Lekhi – Founder & CEO of handbag and accessory brand Baggit, Deepika Rao, MD,  Ginger Hotels and Pooja Taparia,  Founder – Arpan, a globally recognized NGO working to eliminate Child Sexual Abuse.

In a telling comment about how engaging the content is, one of the subscribers said, “Thank you for your candid open-hearted conversation. We need more (content) like this.”

Entrepreneur, Pinkathon Ambassador and channel guest, Sonia Kulkarni says, “Thanks for such a wonderful platform – I just opened up completely and poured my heart out. Such conversations must become mainstream so that we can help each other cope better.”

“Subscribing to this channel is a good idea, because it focusses on the 40 plus woman, and no part of the media nor marketing agencies have so far spotlighted her,” explains Suma Varughese, ex-Editor-in-Chief, Life Positive, and one of the early (and popular) guests on the channel.

To my thinking, this age group of wise, confident, self-aware women are playing a crucial role in freeing the world of its patriarchal energy and moving it towards a beautiful New World. Their voices need to be heard. And if you are one of them, then do tune in and get inspired, ” she added.