Mumbai, 23rd March 2023: Information about the whereabouts of two minor children of filmmaker Mushtaq Nadiadwala has been sought from the government of Pakistan. Reminders were also sent four times for that. However, the central government claimed in the High Court that it did not receive any response from the government of Pakistan.

Nadiadwala approached the High Court seeking the return of his wife and children, alleging illegal detention in Pakistan. He also claimed that the central government is not cooperating in this matter. After that, the court criticized the stand of non-cooperation of the central government. “Do not stop at just correspondence with the concerned department. Answer the calls of the petitioners,” the Court said. The court also directed the government to try to get in touch with the children. The court was assured by the central government that a meeting will be held between the petitioner and the officials of the concerned department.

The central government also claimed in the report that the three correspondences issued by the Indian High Commission in Islamabad have not received a response from Pakistan’s Ministry of External Affairs to date. Besides this, the Indian government sent another reminder to the Pakistan government on 13th March, the court was told.