Hyderabad, 20th January, 2022: MyGate, India’s largest community management app, clocked a record number of gate entries on New Year’s Eve, with a 250% increase in the annual daily average. Between 7 pm and 10 pm on 31st December, deliveries and guest entries hit a high with close to 10,000 entries per minute. This indicates that people preferred to order in and celebrate at home with family and friends on the last day of 2021.

While New Year’s Eve saw peak gate activity in most major cities, some interesting regional differences were observed. Gated communities in Chennai clocked their highest guest entries in mid-January, when the city celebrates Pongal, whereas in Mumbai, maximum guest entries were recorded on Ganesh Chaturthi.

Among home services, although Bathroom Cleaning was the most popular service on MyGate in most cities, Laundry dominated in Kolkata while House Painting led in Chennai.

Gyms received the most bookings in 2021. Bangalore and Pune, however, preferred playing sports, with Badminton and Table Tennis courts respectively, being the amenities in greatest demand.

Gated society trends 2021 – All India



From a city perspective, please find below the trends that was noticed in Hyderabad


Gated society trends in 2021 – Hyderabad


Commenting on the insights, Mr. Ranjit Behera, Head of Marketing-MyGate, said, “While there have been many studies about different demographics, there is none that captures life within gated communities. Our observations throw light on their preferences and needs and we are confident they will help administrators make informed decisions in matters pertaining to life in gated societies.”