Hyderabad, July 30, 2023………”The 9th Nizam of the Asaf Jahi Dynasty, H.E. Raunaq Yar Khan visits “Urs- E- Shareef of Baghdadi Sahebaan” at Darga in Hyderabad on Sunday late evening. It was his first ever official religious attendance at the 101st “Urs- E- Shareef of Baghdadi Sahebaan” on the death centenary of Hazrat Peer Syed Abdur Rahman AKA. Badey Baghdadi, Qibla RA (At Darga in Hyd.)

The royal Nizam family used to seek his blessings even to consolidate their crown, inviting him to inaugurate ceremonies.

The Asaf Jah VI, Highness Mir Mahboob Ali Khan used to welcome Hazrat where the carpet spread for his arrival would be immediately taken and stored respectfully so that it would not be tread on by others thereafter.

The very sought-after revered Janab Sayed Mahmood Husaini Qadri Al Rafai, Sadat Peer Baghdadi, the grandson and sajjada nashin of Qitte Salheen, the organiser of the present 101st Urs event says he is delighted and honoured to have His Highness Mir Mahboob Ali Khan’s blood descendant and great-grandson, the 9th Nizam head of the Asaf Jahi dynasty as a special visitor.

The 9th Head of the Asaf Jah family, Raunaq Yar Khan says, it’s an honour and pleasure to be received in reciprocation by Pir Baghdadi in continuation of the tradition of his great grandfather, the 6th Nizam with this being his first ever visit here to further bonds.

Says Mr Zubair Khan, an associate of Pir, it’s also very significant that after being appointed the 9th Nizam of the Dynasty, it’s H.H.’s first religious outing and attendance at a place of faith. That is, his first visit after he was anointed at the “Qaja ka Chilla”(another place of faith of Nizams) before his formal coronation by a huge majority of his royal family at a religious ceremony adjacent, over lunch.

Badey Pir Baghdadi memorized the Quran at age nine and mastered theology & Islamic Jurisprudence thereafter. At age 17 he earned the turban that symbolized high learning. Beyond his being the progeny of the prophet, his asceticism & piety gained widespread recognition.

Hazrat Badey Baghdadi left this mortal world on the 10th Muharram, year 1344 Hijira at the age of 63. He was buried at ‘Qita Saliheen’ in Nampally, Hyderabad. Thereon, every year his “Urs” (annual death anniversary) has and will be held, inshallah from the 10th to 12th Muharram. Hordes of dignitaries across the spectrum thronged the place on this Urs day to seek blessings from Peer Sadat Bagdadi.