New Delhi, 15 May 2021: The National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi is creating a virtual museum space through its online summer programme NAIMISHA 2021. This unique art fiesta will provide a platform to create and engage with the arts. The current duration of the programme is 17th May to 13th June 2021.

The planned workshops and hosts of related events are expected to spark imagination, creativity and interest in visual and other related arts. The idea behind designing and delivering online interactive programmes is to provide a creative outlet to children, and indeed all interested adults. Lead artists have joined the programme as teachers and mentors to add zest to this unique pedagogic carnival. The announcement of the workshops on 13th May has been welcomed all over the country, evident from the number of children and adults who have already registered.

Workshops have been designed on painting, sculpture, print making and videography and puppeteering and other related arts. The NGMA NAIMISHA portal will also stream a curated film festival for the participants from NGMA’s private collection. A session on storytelling and performances will be held every Friday. During the opening week, maestro Saskia Rao – de Haas, iconic cellist and composer, will regale participants with her music and stories. She will be accompanied by her fifteen-year-old gifted pianist son.

The exhibition of selected artworks from NAIMISHA 2021 will be displayed on NGMA’s website and SO-HAM the cultural media platform of NGMA for public viewing soon.

The details of activities will be available on NGMA’s official website and Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SoHam page.