New Delhi, 16th July 2022: Sidhu Moosewala murder case mastermind Goldie Brar has released a video. In the video, he claims that after the Vicky Middukheda case, the singer had offered a settlement of Rs two crore, which he turned down. Goldie Barr is believed to be hiding somewhere in Canada.

The video has been shot in low light. In the video posted on social media, Goldie is speaking with his face covered. He said that Moosewala is being projected as a Sikh ‘martyr’, so he was forced to shoot the video.

Goldie Brar believes Moosewala is not a martyr. Goldie Brar said in the video, “He (Moosewala) is not a martyr. He created his image through his songs. He kept making mistakes again and again, for which he was punished. We have taken action against the Indian judicial system. Waited for them to take it early by themselves, but it didn’t happen. The law is for common people, not for big stars, politicians and their friends.”

Goldie Brar said he was begging for mercy through mediators after the Middukheda massacre. They offered us two crore rupees in exchange for their lives through some youths of Muktsar, but we turned it down.
Five people, including two women, have been arrested by the Delhi Police for helping the nephew of Lawrence Bishnoi in obtaining fake passports, while five were arrested for making fake passports of the conspirators.

According to the police, the accused helped Bishnoi’s nephew Sachin Thapan and other miscreants in getting fake passports. Bishnoi was allegedly involved in the conspiracy to kill Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala.