Manipur Violence: Home Minister Amit Shah to Visit Manipur Amidst Ongoing Violence, Plans for a 3-Day Stay

Imphal, 29th May 2023: The northeastern state of Manipur in India is currently grappling with a wave of violence that has had a severe impact on the region. In an effort to address the deteriorating situation, the Indian Home Minister, Amit Shah, has scheduled a three-day visit to Manipur. His objective is to assess the situation and formulate a strategy to restore peace and stability. The timing of the minister’s visit coincides with recent clashes between armed militants and security forces, which have resulted in significant loss of life.


The clashes, triggered by a “Tribal Solidarity March” organized by the Meitei community on May 3 to demand Scheduled Tribe (ST) status, have claimed the lives of over 75 people in Manipur. To restore normalcy in the state, over 140 companies of the Army and Assam Rifles, consisting of more than 10,000 personnel, along with paramilitary forces, were deployed.


The grave situation in Manipur remains a cause for concern. During his visit, Home Minister Amit Shah will meet with relevant officials and organizations to discuss effective measures to halt the ongoing violence in the state as soon as possible.


Incidents of violence continue to be reported on a daily basis. Shah will evaluate the ongoing rescue and relief efforts, while also visiting the areas where the local population has borne the brunt of the violence. The Union Home Minister arrives in the state at a time when the latest bout of violence on Sunday alone claimed the lives of five individuals, including a police officer.


With the rising death toll and the threat posed by armed militants, the situation in Manipur remains tense. However, for the people of Manipur who aspire to lasting peace and progress in their state, the visit of Home Minister Amit Shah offers a glimmer of hope.