Mehsana, 7th June 2022: Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal and his leaders, who are aiming to get a spot in Gujarat, are active there before the assembly elections. This time, Arvind Kejriwal did a road show in the Mehsana district of Gujarat and took out the tricolour yatra on Monday. During this, he fired arrows fiercely at BJP and Congress. He said that the people of Gujarat want political change and the only medicine to cure the BJP is Aam Aadmi Party.

 During the roadshow, while addressing the people, he said that the BJP is only afraid of his party as it is an ‘honest and patriotic party’. He alleged that BJP resorts to hooliganism when people speak against the ruling party. He said that now Gujarat is fed up with the BJP and its ‘sister’ Congress and people want change.

Kejriwal also said that Gujarat is going to bring a change. There is only one medicine to cure BJP and that is AAP. Kejriwal alleged that Gujarat BJP president CR Patil is the real chief minister who is running the government while Bhupendra Patel is just the chief minister for his namesake. During this, Kejriwal also claimed that people are joining AAP in large numbers in Gujarat as the organization of the party is getting stronger at village, city and booth levels.

Let us tell you that the assembly elections are going to be held in Gujarat later this year. Aam Aadmi Party is trying to present itself as an alternative to BJP and Congress in Gujarat. Patidars have a good vote bank in the Mehsana district. This time the Patidars do not have much hope from the Congress. Experts believe that if AAP gets an entry in Mehsana, then the Aam Aadmi Party can get success in the surrounding districts as well.