New Delhi, January 19, 2020: Year 2020, marks 3 decades of Exile and homelessness of peaceful Kashmiri Pandit community forced violently by the support of majority Muslims in Kashmir.

January 19, 1990 was a night of horror and helplessness for the whole Kashmiri Pandit community, over five lakh Kashmiri Pandits were forced overnight to leave the valley through a barbaric campaign emanating from the mosques from all over Kashmir unleashed by the terrorists supported by locals. The circumstances that led to forceful eviction of the entire minority of Kashmiri Pandits/Hindus from their homeland is no less than genocide.

To commemorate the Day, India4Kashmir, a people’s movement started with a firm belief and agenda to take 5 Non Kashmiri Indians along with 1 Kashmiri Pandit back to Kashmir and in true sense integrate Kashmir with rest of India, organised a demonstration where many like-minded Indians from various organisations supported India 4 Kashmir and its cause.

After 30 years of forced exile finally, the Government of India has shown spine and defanged article 370 and 35 A, much awaited and necessary political move, India 4 Kashmir hails this bold move of the current dispensation and assure the GOI of fullest support to the honourable Prime Minister in his future endeavours.

Jyoti Kaul of the I4K said , “January 19, 1990, a black date will remain etched in the hearts and minds of not only those who suffered the holocaust but also remain a date to remember in history for the future generations so that no other community in the world has to ever face this kind of barbaric religious persecution.

India 4 Kashmir, Delhi-NCR team thanked one and all who supported us by their presence physically at Jantar Mantar and on Social Media to spread awareness about the genocide faced by KP community. Sakshi Mattoo the spokesperson of I4K Delhi chapter categorically mentioned the ideology of I4K that for every one Kashmiri returning to Kashmir we will ensure that 5 Non Kashmiris also settle in Kashmir. She reiterated our stand that after abrogation of article 370 there is hope of Home coming and survival of the otherwise miniscule community.

“While we applaud the actions taken by the Government in J&K till date we also urge the central government to take measures so that our long awaited justice is now delivered and the community is provided with opportunities for its safe and dignified return to the Valley along with other Indians.”