Ranchi, 12th April 2021: Already, people are queuing up outside the testing centres every day for a sample investigation in the capital, Ranchi, and now a queue of ambulances arriving outside the crematorium to cremate the dead bodies are also being seen. On Sunday, a similar scene was seen outside the crematorium in Harmu Muktidham.

It happened that both the machines installed here to burn the bodies suddenly broke down. Because of this, several ambulances carrying deceased Corona patients were asked to wait. Many ambulances were queued outside the crematorium.

According to the information received, 10 bodies were brought on Sunday for cremation. The machine malfunctioned only after two bodies were burnt. Both the furnaces of the crematorium were damaged. When the third body was burnt in the electric furnace the body got trapped and didn’t burn properly.

Because of this, there was a queue of ambulances here till late in the evening. After this, alternative arrangements for burning bodies were started by the district administration and the Ranchi Municipal Corporation. As soon as the machine was damaged, the work of cleaning and sanitizing the cremation site was started. 76 bodies have been burnt since 11 April.

The families were also upset after the furnaces malfunctioned and were pressurizing the administration to perform the last rites. Ten ambulances stood outside the crematorium. A maximum of 16 bodies was burnt on Saturday.

According to the committee, which runs the crematorium, the maintenance of the machine was done on April 5. Everything has been going well since then. Efforts are still being made to rectify the malfunction with the local technician. Also, a technician has been called from Delhi. The malfunction is expected to be rectified after the technician arrives today.

The Ranchi district administration has written to the municipal corporation to repair the crematorium. Ranchi Municipal Corporation is responsible for the operation of the electric crematorium. In the letter written by the district administration, it has been said that machine malfunction should be rectified.

Following the malfunction of the gas-fired crematorium at Harmu, the Ranchi Municipal Corporation has an alternative arrangement for the burning of dead bodies at the Ghaghra Swarnarekha Ghat. Till late on Sunday, 12 dead bodies were burnt at this ghat. Eight tractors of wood were also arranged by the corporation. Lighting was also arranged at the crematorium.