New Delhi: To celebrate fifteen successful years of flying, IndiGo has announced a 3-Day Special Sale offering all-inclusive fares starting from INR 915 on its domestic and international connections. The offer will be live from August 04, 2021, till August 06, 2021, and will be applicable on travel between September 01, 2021, till March 26, 2022. Additionally, the 6E add-ons including Fast Forward, 6E Flex, 6E Bagport are being offered at INR 315 while the Car Rental service will start at INR 315.

Ronojoy Dutta, Chief Executive Officer, IndiGo said, “It is a momentous occasion for us as we celebrate 15 fulfilling years. We would like to express our gratitude towards our customers and employees for their confidence in us even during the worst times. On behalf of team IndiGo, I would like to thank all our customers, partners and members of the aviation fraternity who have made this journey so successful”.

William Boulter, Chief Commercial Officer, IndiGo said, “We are all excited as we turn 15. It has been a great run as we built the brand IndiGo not just in domestic but also international frontiers. Customer-first orientation is deeply embedded in IndiGo’s DNA, as they have been an integral part of our journey. We look forward to achieving many more milestones together as we move forward to a post-pandemic era of travel and welcome them on board a lean, clean flying machine”.

Sanjay Kumar, Chief Strategy and Revenue Officer, IndiGo said, “Our flight path over the last 15 years is a testament of our commitment to making air travel accessible and affordable, thereby promoting trade, tourism and mobility, within, to and from India. On this celebratory occasion, we have launched a 3-day-special-sale for 6E passengers to share our joy. Our consistent endeavour has been to provide an on-time, hassle-free, and affordable experience to travellers, on our lean clean flying machines.”

HSBC credit card owners can avail of an additional 5% cashback offer of up to INR 750 on a minimum transaction of INR 3000. Customers can also avail of additional 6E benefits with 10% cashback on using Ka-ching credit card for flight booking and 20% cashback on using Ka-ching credit card for pre-booking add-ons.

Offer on 6E addons / other services:

Service Current Price Offer Price

Fast Forward INR 400 INR 315

6E Flex INR 1200 INR 315

6E Bagport INR 630 INR 315

Car Rental INR 569 INR 315 (starting price)