Syria, 15th February 2023: The Indian Army, involved in the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) mission, has been deployed along the Area of Isolation (AOS) between the borders of the Israeli-occupied Golan and the Syrian-occupied Golan for earthquake relief. The Indian Army has deployed 180 personnel to provide logistic support in this earthquake relief mission.

At the request of the Government of Syria, the United Nations has deployed Indian troops involved in UNDOF to assist in earthquake relief. The Government of India had given its consent to the proposal of the Indian troops involved in the United Nations Disengagement to land directly in Syria for help. After this, an advance party of the Indian Army reached Aleppo on 12th February.

Aleppo’s Governor’s Council and Governor Dr Maher thanked the team of Indian Army officers for this positive initiative and said that at this point, all they need is relief material. The sources said it was decided that an Indian Army team of about 40 personnel, based at UNDOF, would go to several towns in Aleppo to deliver relief material consisting of rations, medical supplies, clothing and other assistance sent by the Government of India.

Relief materials, ration and medicines sent by the Government of India along with the international community reached Aleppo in Syria on 15th February. This help sent to the earthquake victims has been handed over to the local representatives.