Hyderabad, 06 April 2022: Wakefit.co, one of India’s largest D2C sleep and home solutions providers, released the 5th edition of its Great Indian Sleep Scorecard (GISS) 2022. The report shares insights into the sleep patterns of Indians. Surprisingly, the Hyderabad numbers present a bittersweet story about the sleep habits of people. On a good note, Hyderabad has the most number of early risers (15%) as compared to other metro cities, but it is also unfortunate that the city also has the highest share of late-night social media browsers (41%).

This lifestyle appears to have hit people’s day-to-day activities, as 49% of respondents reported feeling sleepy during work hours. Apparently, people seem to be prioritizing their phones over sleep at night as a whopping 87% of the respondents used their phones just before bed. It is a known fact that usage of phones before bed tampers with the quality of sleep. Unfortunately, the count of respondents who fear they have insomnia also increased by 32% since last year. Hyderabad seems to be aware of the reason behind their poor sleep quality as 39% of them felt that avoiding digital devices before bed could help with better sleep.

Early to bed, early to rise

There are cities that never sleep, but Hyderabad is enjoying a timely good night’s rest. The city saw an increase of 45% in the number of people going to bed before 10 pm as compared to last year. Despite the usage of phones before bedtime, 67% of Hyderabad still surprisingly claims to wake up feeling refreshed after waking up in the morning.

Social media, pandemic, and hybrid work culture proving to be sleep deterrents

Social media seems to have become an addiction among Hyderabadis, as there was a 16% rise in the number of respondents who stayed up till late browsing social media as compared to last year. However, social media is not the only sleep-detracting factor as 28% of individuals reportedly stayed up till late worrying about their post-pandemic future. Further, 40% of Hyderabadis said their work required them to stay up late at night. IT professionals seem to suffer majorly from this imbalanced work-sleep cycle as compared to other professionals, as 53% of respondents belonged to the IT sector.

Fondness for sleeping spaces


Hyderabad ranked No.1 for maintaining bed etiquettes as compared to other metro cities. About 72% of respondents said they made their beds as soon as they woke up every morning, indicating a preference for well-maintained sleep spaces. Furthermore, the awareness of a relaxed bedroom environment appears to have increased as 38% of respondents felt it has been affecting their sleep quality. Only 30% of the respondents reported that they fell asleep in spaces other than their bed, indicating that the majority of Hyderabad respondents have a dedicated sleep space. 30% of the population also said that a good mattress would help them sleep better. This points to the fact that more and more people are warming up to the advantages of owning a superior quality mattress.

The Great Indian Sleep Scorecard is an ongoing survey recording sleep patterns, and the edition for 2022 received over 30,000 responses, taken between March 2021 and February 2022. The study covers respondents across the age spectrum and multiple demographic groups in Indian cities. Over the last 5 years, the survey has received more than 2 lakh responses.