New Delhi, 6th March 2023: The traffic police have been issuing invoices against those who violate traffic rules. Now even with a little carelessness, the challan (fine) gets deducted, and citizens do not get to know. The hi-tech cameras installed on the roads do not spare any violators.


If you park your car at the wrong place, jump the traffic light or ignore any rule during overspeeding, camera surveillance will capture the moment. Because of this, your challan gets deducted. You don’t even know. Hence, it is advised to keep checking your challan status at regular intervals.


If you want to check the challan status of your vehicle, you have to visit the Government of India website There you have to go to check the online status. After that, you will have to fill in some details like vehicle number, DL number, and others. After that, all the challans will start appearing. If any challan is not outstanding, you will get to know that too.


Keeping in mind the convenience of the people, the traffic police have launched to reduce in-person visits. Also, without wasting time, you can submit an online challan sitting at home by following just a few steps.


Apart from this, if you use Paytm, you can pay your invoice by going to Recharge and Bills.