Imphal, 17th June 2023: In a concerning statement, former Army chief Ved Malik likened Manipur to war-torn countries such as Libya, Lebanon, Nigeria, and Syria, describing it as “stateless.” The retired lieutenant general from Manipur reached out to Malik, drawing attention to the deteriorating law and order situation in the state, emphasizing the need for immediate action at the highest level. In response, Malik took to Twitter, tagging Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Home Minister Amit Shah, and Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, urging them to address the alarming situation.

The most recent outbreak of violence occurred on Friday around 9:45 pm, when a barrage of 400-500 rounds was fired using automatic weapons in Kwakta town of Bishupur and Kangvai village of Churachandpur. Since then, sporadic instances of gunfire have been reported. Additionally, there have been multiple incidents of mob gatherings, attempted
vandalism, and arson targeting government officials and property.

In a bid to reinstate order, a unified task force comprising the Army, Assam Rifles, Rapid Action Force, and local police undertook a solemn flag march in Imphal East, extending their presence well into the night until midnight. The synchronized operation aimed to showcase a strong display of authority and instill a sense of security among the

The situation escalated further as mobs targeted the residence of state BJP President Adhikarimayum Sharda Devi and set fire to the head office of the Thongju Assembly constituency, the constituency from which Power and Forest Minister Thongam Biswajit Singh was elected.

Officials have reported clashes between mobs and security forces overnight in Imphal town, resulting in injuries to two civilians. Additionally, there have been attempts to set ablaze the houses of BJP leaders, exacerbating the tense atmosphere in the state.

The incidents of violence and the deteriorating law and order situation in Manipur have raised serious concerns among observers. The comparison made by the retired lieutenant general underscores the urgent need for immediate and effective intervention by the central government to restore peace and stability in the region. As the situation remains volatile, it is crucial for the concerned authorities to take decisive action to ensure the safety and security of the residents of Manipur.