New Delhi, 25th April 2023: The Indian Foreign Ministry announced today (April 25) that the first group of Indians stranded in Sudan has departed the country towards Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. They are going in a warship operated by the Indian Navy.

Arindam Bagchi, a spokesman for the foreign ministry (MEA), tweeted images of the Indians aboard the INS Sumedha.

He tweeted, “First batch of stranded Indians leave Sudan under #OperationKaveri. INS Sumedha with 278 people onboard departs Port Sudan for Jeddah.”

India has set up two transport aircraft in Jeddah and the INS Sumedha in Port Sudan as part of Operation Kaveri. Once in Jeddah, the Indians will be returned to their homes.

According to reports, about 3,000 Indians are living in Sudan.

Sudan’s security environment is still unstable. According to reports, intense combat is currently occurring in several areas in Sudan’s capital, Khartoum.

PM Modi had already instructed officials to create a backup plan to remove Indians from Sudan during a meeting on Friday of last week.

To date, hundreds of people, including civilians, have died as a result of intense fighting, which has included airstrikes and artillery barrages.